Scott’s Complaints Procedure

We always strive to provide our customers with the best possible service and we are sorry that you are dis-satisfied. Please submit your complaint in writing (email or fax is fine) to the Primary Manager as set out below.

From receipt of your complaint we will acknowledge it within 3 working days and issue a formal written outcome of the investigation within 15 working days. In the unlikely event that you remain dissatisfied please write again to the relevant Escalation Manager as set out below, explaining why you feel your complaint remains unresolved. Following a second review of the complaint the Escalation Manager will, within 8 weeks of receipt, provide you with a written statement expressing our Final Viewpoint. If you are still unhappy he will refer you to the Property Ombudsman and we will co-operate with you, your advisors and the Property Ombudsman to reach a resolution of the complaint. We agree to be bound by the decision of the Property Ombudsman.

So that your complaint is dealt with by the most appropriate person please direct it as set out below.


Primary Manager – Managing Director of Cadogan Tate Insurance Services Limited

Managing Director Simon Waymouth
Telephone 0208 963 4056
Email s.waymouth@cadogantate.com
Address Cadogan House, 239 Acton Lane, London NW10 7NP

He will aim to deal with your complaint promptly and fairly and also advise you formally of any Regulatory issues involving the Financial Ombudsman or the Financial Conduct Authority.

Escalation Manager – Managing Director of the Cadogan Tate Group Limited, parent company of the above.

Group Managing Director Paul Haynes
Telephone 0208 963 4005
Email p.haynes@cadogantate.com
Address Cadogan House, 239 Acton Lane, London NW10 7NP


If your complaint is about anything other than insurance, please get in touch with the General Manager of the company that provided you with the service with which you are dissatisfied. He will be the Primary Manager of your complaint.

Scott’s Removals (Cadogan Tate Limited T/A)

General Manager Tom Wilson

Telephone 0208 971 4374

Email t.wilson@cadogantate.com

Address Cadogan House, 239 Acton Lane, London NW10 7NP

Finally, if you are not satisfied with the proposed resolution you receive from your Escalation Manager, we adhere to the British Association of Removers Alternative Dispute Resolution Scheme which is independently operated by;

The Furniture Ombudsman
3-4 Viewpoint Office Village
Babbage Road
0333 241 3209


We will be bound by their decision.