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House Removals & Storage in Islington

If you’re planning a house move or require storage in Islington, get in touch with Scott’s Removals today to find out how our expert team can help you with your removals & storage in Islington. We know the Islington area well and have been working in the moving business for decades.

By using an Islington removals service, you can reduce some of the stress associated with relocation. We can assess your needs and come up with a plan of how to pack, move and unpack your goods to suit your requirements and budget.

We know how much your possessions mean to you, so we treat everything with the utmost care and attention. We’ll make sure everything from your flat-screen television and home cinema system, to your antique furniture and prized paintings, get to your new destination quickly and safely.

Packing & Unpacking

When it comes to unpacking, we have a choice of services depending on your preferences. We know that sometimes, you want to unpack your belongings yourself, putting each item in its new place. We can make sure the right boxes are delivered to the right rooms to get you started. Or, you can sit back and relax with our full unpack and put away service, making your house ready to live in immediately. Get in touch with us today to discuss your options.

Storage Islington

During your move in the Islington area, you may have items you need to put into storage. This could be a temporary measure while you are decorating or refurbishing, for example, or on a longer-term basis. Have a chat with our team about your requirements and we can help you with the right Islington storage solution to suit your budget.

International Shipping

Are you relocating abroad? We can also help you with international removals, with the same professional and personal service that we offer to our local moving customers. We can help you plan your removals overseas, prepare your items for shipping and help with the logistics, such as customs papers.

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    Islington area information

    Islington is a popular area for commuters, based close to the City of London and with excellent transport links. It is so popular that houses are in short supply, especially larger family properties. When these rare gems hit the market, they are snapped up quickly by those who want to buy into the community feel of the area. There are new developments cropping up all the time, which contrast with the more typical Georgian and early Victorian homes the area is known for. Residents include media executives, lawyers and finance workers, as well as some well-known celebrities, both past and present. There are many independent shops and restaurants, with new establishments opening all the time.

    Things to do in Islington

    If you like eating out, then head to Upper Street, which is packed with restaurants. There is a good mix of established chains and independent eateries. Parts of Islington were once called Little Italy due to a high Italian population. While that has ebbed out over the years, there are still some great restaurants from that period.

    For shopping, consider a visit to Camden Passage. This small street is full of stalls and shops selling antiques, vintage clothing and more modern items. For your weekly groceries, visit Sunday’s Islington Farmers’ Market, with fruit and vegetables, bread, dairy products and seasonal cut flowers from the local area.

    Islington is quite residential, but there are green spaces worth visiting. Highbury Fields is popular with families, with its playground for children, sand pit and water play features. There is also a cafe, gym and barbecue area. For those who like sports, it has 11 tennis courts, four netball courts and a floodlit football pitch.

    Islington has a few fringe theatres, which offer a range of eclectic performances. The Almeida Theatre, for example, is known for its world-class productions featuring both British and international dramas.

    Islington Removals & Islington Storage

    Popular residential neighbourhoods in Islington

    The London Borough of Islington is the second-smallest borough, with an estimated population of 215,667. Yet it is also home to one of the largest football stadiums in the country, Emirates. Its many neighbourhoods are all incredibly popular and in various states of gentrification.

    Barnsbury (N1) | Canonbury (N1) | Islington (N1) | Finsbury Park (N4) | Highbury (N5)|
    Highgate (N6) | Holloway (N7) | Newington Green (N16) | Upper Holloway (N19) | Clerkenwell (EC1)

    Barnsbury (N1)

    In the north-west of Islington, this area is popular with young professionals. It has a hip, creative vibe, while being close to the City of London. The large terrace houses and squares offer a choice of living options.

    Average property prices in Barnsbury as of July 2018
    Detached: £4M
    Semi-detached: £2.6M
    Terraced: £1.4M
    Flats: £630K

    Canonbury (N1)

    An architecturally beautiful area of Islington, Canonbury has a long list of famous residents including Thomas Cromwell, George Orwell and Sir Francis Bacon, as well as more modern celebrities and musicians. With cobbled streets and quaint antique shops, there is plenty of authentic historic appeal.

    Average property prices in Canonbury as of July 2018
    Detached: £4M
    Semi-detached: £3M
    Terraced: £1.5M
    Flats: £620K

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      Islington (N1)

      Islington is the central district in the Borough of Islington, based around the busy High Street, with its array of shops and cafes. It’s close to the centre of London, but still has some small-town charm.


      Average property prices in central Islington as of July 2018
      Detached: £4M
      Semi-detached: £2.2M
      Terraced: £1.4M
      Flats: £590K

      Finsbury Park (N4)

      This neighbourhood falls on the borders of many boroughs, with part of it coming under Islington. The park of the same name is in Harringay and offers plenty to do for all ages. The neighbourhood has a lively, multi-cultural feel.

      Average property prices in Finsbury Park as of July 2018
      Detached: £1M
      Semi-detached: £990K
      Terraced: £800K
      Flats: £500K

      removals Islington & storage Islington

      Highbury (N5)

      House prices have fallen a little in Highbury over the last year, so now could be a good time to grab a rare large family home in this covetable area. The large Georgian and Victorian houses give the streets an attractive look.

      Average property prices in Highbury as of July 2018
      Detached: £2.2M
      Semi-detached: £1.6M
      Terraced: £1.2M
      Flats: £550K

      Highgate (N6)

      Highgate is full of lovely green open spaces and parks, with parts of Hampstead Heath within its borders, as well as Highgate Wood. Properties here are very in demand and get snapped up quickly.

      Average property prices in Highgate as of July 2018
      Detached: £4M
      Semi-detached: £2.2M
      Terraced: £1.6M
      Flats: £800K

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        Holloway (N7)

        This neighbourhood incorporates the Nag’s Head commercial area, meaning you have plenty of facilities on your doorstep. It’s also home to Arsenal FC for football fans. Due to ongoing gentrification, house prices are on the rise in this area.

        Average property prices in Holloway as of July 2018
        Detached: £2.5M
        Semi-detached: £1.9M
        Terraced: £1.1M
        Flats: £520K

        Newington Green (N16)

        This small area of Islington is centred around a green open space, with small cafes, traditional grocers and delis on its borders. It has a nice village feel, which gives a real sense of community. Most of the homes here are traditional terraces, although the occasional cottage-style semi does come on the market.

        Average property prices in Newington Green as of July 2018
        Detached: N/A
        Semi-detached: £1.6M
        Terraced: £1.2M
        Flats: £600K

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        Upper Holloway (N19)

        Lines of Victorian houses gives this area a nice, historical feel. The quiet residential streets are great for families, but it’s only a few minutes’ walk away from the main commercial areas and transport links.

        Average property prices in Upper Holloway as of July 2018
        Detached: £1.4M
        Semi-detached: £1.2M
        Terraced: £1M
        Flats: £520K

        Clerkenwell (EC1)

        A popular option for young professionals and couples, the cobbled streets add character, while the many bars and restaurants give it a vibrant nightlife. It is mainly made up of terraced properties with Grade II-listed Georgian homes, and includes the neighbourhood of Finsbury.

        Average property prices in Clerkenwell as of July 2018
        Detached: £2M
        Semi-detached: £1.8M
        Terraced: £1.6M
        Flats: £780K